Stairs Episode One


I am having issues

So, yeah, I can record some games now, but now I have a new problem of OBS still not cooperating, and then I have the problem with my editing software making the audio out of sync with the video. Idk what is happening there?

And then I have a whole personal issue where I seem to have a conflict of interests and I just can’t seem to get myself anywhere (it is really depressing actually). I just don’t know what I am doing anymore, with myself or with my channel. Everything seems to be working against me currently.

I just don’t know anything anymore.

Whoohoo! It is the fourth day in a row, I think, of me making these posts! I have a Dead by Daylight video being uploaded currently, so that should be up not too much longer than this post itself. I don’t really have many updates for the updates box right now, but I might end up updating that later today. Depends. But tomorrow will be a vlog day, as I know for certain, I also finished my first floral scarf, so I will most definitely showcase that in my vlog tomorrow. Today, I also worked in the garden, I am sore already from weed whacking all the weeds down (they had gotten tall) and now all I have to do is create flower beds for my tomatoes this year. I also intend on growing much more this year. The garden is my second way of exercise in my house, as the first is yoga, which I did do this morning as well. I got up not long after seven this morning to do yoga and make my coffee. I also had a nice hearty breakfast. I plan on keeping up with all of this, because I want to have a nice beautiful garden this year, that I hope to keep alive as well (I just need to get outside even in the summer to tend to it). I have also started re-reading the series of books called A Series of Unfortunate Events (I read it before in fifth grade like 8 years ago, so I vaguely remember it?) so that when I watch the TV show on Netflix I can compare (I don’t want any spoilers, I want to finish re-reading the series and watch it). I just remember really liking the books. I am on the fourth one currently, and there are thirteen of them. I will update on that tomorrow as well in my vlog. Anyways, gotta finish up some things, and I will write again tomorrow! 😀

Today I woke up a little later than I would have liked to (for whatever reason I could not fall asleep). That seriously does not matter anyways. I have a blog post to write, and I have ideas in my head. I think I will keep up this pattern that I have, I am really liking how this is working for me. It makes me feel like I am actually getting stuff done. I feel like I am making some progress that I otherwise would not have realized, I see the evidence with all the stuff I have been posting. That and I just really like writing the Daily Shenanigans post for whatever reason. I think it is a great way for me to brain dump all these things in my head so that I can make a clearer plan. Planning has never been easier for me. I love this. With that said, I think that is all for my little tidbit here. I have a garden to tend to (aka, I have to get rid of a LOT of weeds :/).

Daily Shenanigans

I recorded some more Dead by Daylight and a new episode of Stairs, but because this is a new computer, I had to start all over again (such disappointment, much ow). The new Stairs episode won’t be up until Saturday or Sunday I think. I am recording a vlog tomorrow (since I like them to be as accurate as possible in terms of time [it is also less confusing for me that way]). I also managed to get up early enough to actually do that and I even managed not to just mess around on my computer instead of recording. I feel pretty proud of myself right now? I am making good progress, and I am doing it well, I think. I would like to believe that at least. I have had to narrow my focus down a lot to like a total of three things because I have noticed that every time I try to branch out, I lose touch on everything and it just comes crumbling down. I have decided that for now, a narrowed focus is okay. That is most possibly what I need right now. Anyways, thanks for checking this out, and I will write again for you tomorrow about my progress!