I am having issues

So, yeah, I can record some games now, but now I have a new problem of OBS still not cooperating, and then I have the problem with my editing software making the audio out of sync with the video. Idk what is happening there?

And then I have a whole personal issue where I seem to have a conflict of interests and I just can’t seem to get myself anywhere (it is really depressing actually). I just don’t know what I am doing anymore, with myself or with my channel. Everything seems to be working against me currently.

I just don’t know anything anymore.

Daily Shenanigans

I recorded some more Dead by Daylight and a new episode of Stairs, but because this is a new computer, I had to start all over again (such disappointment, much ow). The new Stairs episode won’t be up until Saturday or Sunday I think. I am recording a vlog tomorrow (since I like them to be as accurate as possible in terms of time [it is also less confusing for me that way]). I also managed to get up early enough to actually do that and I even managed not to just mess around on my computer instead of recording. I feel pretty proud of myself right now? I am making good progress, and I am doing it well, I think. I would like to believe that at least. I have had to narrow my focus down a lot to like a total of three things because I have noticed that every time I try to branch out, I lose touch on everything and it just comes crumbling down. I have decided that for now, a narrowed focus is okay. That is most possibly what I need right now. Anyways, thanks for checking this out, and I will write again for you tomorrow about my progress!

Daily Shenanigans

Today is an odd day, Superbowl Sunday, the one day in the year that I could care even less about! I went out to the library, found some great books, and then I went home to drop all of that off. I then rambled down to the local coffee shop near my house to nab a good iced latte and a “muffin” that is actually a brownie in disguise. To top it all off, I decided to bring my Rune dice with me so that I can work on that today. I also have the plan to be doing a bit of recording tonight so that I can actually post something tomorrow, it has been two weeks. Like I said in my rune post, I just haven’t had the spoons to do anything really. I have been lazing about and crocheting (if I even do that), and letting my room become a mess. Coffee and runes were today’s thing, the coffee shop was a good place to go, I enjoyed today’s adventure. Who knows what I will do tomorrow? Guess I will have to wait and see how it goes!  I do have some ideas, though.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting anything at all, I have had so little time these days. I can’t seem to focus on anything. That and my computer is being a little shit right now, trying to do everything I don’t want it to. Honestly, I am posting this from my trusty Insignia. My little friend, old pal! I may have even less time as I might have to get a second job because my job is super shitty. RIP. I may not be seen again for a while if that happens, I will try to keep updated I guess. It’s not like I have any friends to hang out with when I do have free time anyways. 

New Games!

I just bought four new games today (didn’t even spend $20!!), I got Lucius one and two for only about $4! I also bought the first two FNaF games, because The Joy of Creation has me curious! With that said, I’m gonna be doing some more game play videos on those two, lets see how this goes! Wish me luck! (廿_廿†)ゞ #