I am having issues

So, yeah, I can record some games now, but now I have a new problem of OBS still not cooperating, and then I have the problem with my editing software making the audio out of sync with the video. Idk what is happening there?

And then I have a whole personal issue where I seem to have a conflict of interests and I just can’t seem to get myself anywhere (it is really depressing actually). I just don’t know what I am doing anymore, with myself or with my channel. Everything seems to be working against me currently.

I just don’t know anything anymore.

A Mobile Update

I am going to record a blog tonight, if it isn’t too dark by the time I get home! I also plan on posting the age-old Dishonored video I have ready to post. Not today fotlr that, but very soon. I am kind of finally crawling out of my low low phase. I am not actually at home right now, just chilling with my best friend finding motivation and hope, ya know? Anyways, keep an eye out for future videos, I am working hard! Just not getting very far yet.

Okay, so I am currently recording (cannot promise any videos right now because I am recording Rainbow Six siege, and most of what I have right now is literally just age-long matchmaking screens. :/ Anyways, plus I am doing that because I was trying to fix my recording program (kept slowing down the game, or it wasn’t recording the videos properly), which I think I now have the issue fixed.

And I also know I have not posted in ages either. I got into a slump (as I do struggle with mild depression and bipolar disorder) and I just didn’t do anything. I can admit that it was a problem of mine, but this is something that takes time for me. Which now, I am officially going to record a ton of footage of several things, and save that for when I am in a slump and it is easy to just post it. I would say I am sorry for not posting, but really what good does that do? It doesn’ t fix it, I just have to start posting again. That is literally all I need to do.

So, hopefully in the next week or two, I will have some new stuff to be posted.