About Magnus Bloodrunes

wp-1487185065320.jpg  Okay, so my name here is Magnus Bloodrunes (the name I kind of came up with on accident, because for so long it was just “Magnus”).

Anyways I am 19 years old currently (birthday is Feb. 9) and I am a transgender man, I have not started hormones yet (I still have yet to figure out if my insurance will cover it?). I crochet and game for hobbies, but one day I would like to be able to do it a lot more, as I love crocheting, and I just want to spread the love.

I am also pagan, but I talk about that mostly on a separate blog, as I know people don’t like seeing religion mixed into it all.

I write crap for hobbies, and my Daily Shenanigans post will be more frequently posted as I come up with things to say, I also plan on doing humorous things with my Daily Shenanigans posts in the future.

My favorite color is purple (specifically a dark violet color). I am trying to make my room a more sea-themed thing (as I like the sea). I enjoy a good cup of coffee every morning, and I tend to eat a simple yet delicious breakfast (frequently pictured on my Instagram because breakfast is my favorite meal). I do not drive, ever, I don’t even know how to drive, much less have a car. I guess you could say I am eco-friendly.


I also enjoy going out to a cafe and getting some coffee while I write with my tiny Chromebook (on the right is a picture from my Instagram).

I also do art, but it is not so much a focus as it used to be, it is more a hobby now than before. I never took my art very seriously anyways.

Anyways, thanks for checking out  my about page, and I hope you guys have a good day!!


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