Daily Shenanigans

I recorded some more Dead by Daylight and a new episode of Stairs, but because this is a new computer, I had to start all over again (such disappointment, much ow). The new Stairs episode won’t be up until Saturday or Sunday I think. I am recording a vlog tomorrow (since I like them to be as accurate as possible in terms of time [it is also less confusing for me that way]). I also managed to get up early enough to actually do that and I even managed not to just mess around on my computer instead of recording. I feel pretty proud of myself right now? I am making good progress, and I am doing it well, I think. I would like to believe that at least. I have had to narrow my focus down a lot to like a total of three things because I have noticed that every time I try to branch out, I lose touch on everything and it just comes crumbling down. I have decided that for now, a narrowed focus is okay. That is most possibly what I need right now. Anyways, thanks for checking this out, and I will write again for you tomorrow about my progress!


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