Daily Shenanigans

I did some stuff today! I did not get to really record another video like I had hoped, but I managed to edit one I recorded earlier this week (perhaps Saturday or Sunday) and record a vlog for the day (I am seriously running low on time). I also ran some errands today, some stuff just needs to get done! You should be able to see the vlog long before this post goes up, and I have high hopes about my channel right now. I have been feeling a little lazy these last few days but I plan to amend that very soon as I start waking up earlier in the day just for the purpose of getting things done, today was definitely a shit day, to be perfectly honest, as nothing went as I had planned. That is completely okay, plans change, and I just have to work with what I got. I also hope to keep making these posts, keep things updated, and regular. I keep forgetting to write for the day, so this definitely counts, as I have so many plans and so many ideas. Keep an eye out for some new #wipwednesday posts as well, I will start updating about my crochet like that as well. I hope for the best for today, I will write again tomorrow! 🙂


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