Daily Shenanigans

Today is a pretty exciting day, I am gonna be getting a new computer, and it is for gaming, unlike my laptop (which is what I have been using for my videos). I am also getting a software to edit my videos as well as a new microphone for my videos. I am also getting a webcam for it and I have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse as well as some decent speakers. I am going to have a little set up in my room! I think that I am finally making a step forward with my channel, I hope to get some new videos up next month, especially of Dead By Daylight since I couldn’t really record it easily with my laptop (there is only so much you can do with a four-year-old laptop). That thing is so old, and I even got to the point where I decorated it with stickers that were fun. Anyways, I am also moving my decorative curtains and fairy lights over to be around my desk so that it kind of dulls the noise I make. The neighbor does not like the noise I make, even during the day (the guys is just weird, to be honest). But I am hoping to piss him off less to avoid problems, you know? I don’t like dealing with conflict, especially if it can be easily solved. I have been working on this blanket for a while as well. I am getting closer to being done with it as well!


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