Daily Shenanigans

Today is an odd day, Superbowl Sunday, the one day in the year that I could care even less about! I went out to the library, found some great books, and then I went home to drop all of that off. I then rambled down to the local coffee shop near my house to nab a good iced latte and a “muffin” that is actually a brownie in disguise. To top it all off, I decided to bring my Rune dice with me so that I can work on that today. I also have the plan to be doing a bit of recording tonight so that I can actually post something tomorrow, it has been two weeks. Like I said in my rune post, I just haven’t had the spoons to do anything really. I have been lazing about and crocheting (if I even do that), and letting my room become a mess. Coffee and runes were today’s thing, the coffee shop was a good place to go, I enjoyed today’s adventure. Who knows what I will do tomorrow? Guess I will have to wait and see how it goes!  I do have some ideas, though.


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