Daily Shenanigans

Okay, so today I focused on my writing. I finished my February layout for my bullet journal, I know January is not quite over yet, but I should really be a little more prepared to do things, especially now that I am trying to be more productive. I got in my pocket Leucchturm, I got it for work. I got it mainly because I wanted something more organized/well made so that it won’t fall apart. And I went through the work day pretty okay, so yeah, this post is written quite a bit later today, but that is okay. At least I am remembering it!
Anyways, onto the subject of my videos, I am not going to be able to get anything up until at least Monday, I think. I don’t really get another day off until Saturday (but even that is up in the air). But next Sunday (the 5th), I have the whole week off until that Saturday (the 11th), so I should definitely take that time to have a video Monday and Friday, as well as be able to record several more pre-recorded so I have a little something to post! With that said, I am going to enjoy my dinner and get on with the crocheting I am working on.


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