Daily Shenanigans

Crocheted a bit today, managed to finish another two squares, lost my hat (my poor, poor hat!), and I woke up fairly early (still didn’t get shit done). So note to self: when you wake up, don’t fuck around. Just get some stuff done maybe?? I don’t know, that seems like it could be productive. I managed to find some yarn that I thought I had run out of, as well. I feel a little proud of that.

Anyways, trying to start this little trend up, yeah, I have no videos to go up today, I have been trying to, but nothing good has come of it yet, may post a late video tomorrow. I also should be able to try for an art video maybe? I will update on twitter with that later tonight.

Also, on a more encouraging note, I wrote a Rune post for my other blog (yay) as well as I wrote in 750 words, so, uh, extra yay?


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